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Brittany Stone Damn that's thick. Favorite track: Headlights.
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A short 4 song debut release by MRS. & The Sordid Affairs. Made due to popular demand for a music release, it is our hope that y'all will help share our music.


released December 16, 2018

MRS & The Sordid Affairs is:
Moriah Robyn Skye - songwriter, lead vocals, guitar
Sammi Williams- drums, madness
Kirdan Fielding Wenger- bass, magick

All songs on "THICK" were recorded and engineered live by Nat Harvie @ a house in Duluth, MN. Co-mixed by Flip Arkulay and Kirdan Wenger @ a house in Minneapolis, MN.

Special thanks to all the people who have supported us this far including, but not at all limited to: sex, drugs, rock & roll, and of course Satan


all rights reserved



MRS. & The Sordid Affairs Duluth, Minnesota

A Duluth/Twin Cities, MN based "rock" band (for lack of a better term). Music dedicated to giving the audience a palpable emotional response. A simple trio setup. Music telling the far too often harsh reality of being a visibly queer person in the US. Songs range from doom metal to slightly folkish and everywhere in between. Dedicated to making the listener feel something, if only for a moment. ... more

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Track Name: Sister Sickness
Sister Sickness I never had, I wish she could have been a friend;
Shame, guilt, pain for this kid
Brother's sickness got the best of him, feeds his ego flame;
Too bad mine is bruised along with my body.

Oh, I know what I have been missing;
Adrenaline and chokes for kisses.

Mother's sickness got the best of me, neurotic tendencies can really take a palm to the face;
Try my best never wash away the disgrace.
Father's sickness got the best of me, gnarled roots to touch to the seeds;
Return to me in numb dreams

Oh, I know what I have been missing;
Adrenaline and chokes for kisses.

My sickness got the best of me, never see the sun and never be seen;
Sister sickness I could have had, oh she could have been a friend
Track Name: Headlights
I've been driving on this lonely road, but it's the only place that I can call home, where I can lay my head on the dash and count the headlights as they move past;
But I can't take this anymore

Out here I'll make my stand I guess, with no conscious at all I'll scream and I'll beg, hastily inhale coarse smoke through dry lips as I wipe the whiskey stains from my chin

Remembering how you said it's so wrong, to be driving with all the illegal things I have done; If I slow down for a minute, I don't know if I'll be able to get up again

All the sounds surround me in this space, but no volume to speak of so I have to escape; now lines appear and fade on my hands, it seems I've been tied down for too long dear friends

Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say, when who you really are is expressed differently; When the satin closes 'round my face there won't be anything left at all to say.
Track Name: Necessary Isolation
I don't know or care what time of day it is, because I have been staring at the ceiling for God-I don't believe in-who knows how long it has been; I'm running out of things to do in bed, but no matter how hard I try black and red zaps through my head;

Is this how I always take my feelings in stride?
No matter what I take, I still Isolate

Running hot my blood pumps higher pressure boiling over from unnecessary endeavors; My hands are numb, blue face and tears won't fall out of ducts and I'd rather whither down than ever get back up.

Is this how I always take my feelings in stride?
I'm never satisfied, I still Isolate

My head is separate from me;
My heart is torn between;
Love so sweet;
Until I twist and words cut deep
Track Name: S.T.I.
Another night spent all alone; feel this sickness in my bones
Itch my hair delouse your comb; scratch this rash on my sole
I don't want to live with regrets;
I don't ever want to lose a single bet

Oh, sweet Theresa I won't miss this life; the taste of your kitten lips one touch it left me so sick, I can't live like this

Too much information at my fingertips; do hypochondriacs design these lists?
I've got unceasing shaking fits while web MD says I've got two weeks to live

I don't want to live with regrets;
seems I've already lost some bet

Oh sweet Theresa I won't miss this life; the taste of your kitten lips one touch it left me so sick; no more days spent left like this

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